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Faith leaders and volunteers, you have such a tremendous job to train and equip the next generation of believers to be followers of Christ. Daybreak Ministries wants to come alongside you as you seek to educate and empower parents and youth to have healthy dialogue and set healthy expectations around biblical sexuality. We have curriculums available on love, sex, and relationships that your staff can borrow and facilitate for parents and youth. To make this process as seamless as possible for you, we have created facilitator or discussion guides for each curriculum. See a brief description of each curriculum below.

The Whole Sex Talk | Pregnancy Resource Center

The Whole Sex Talk is a Biblically-based, six-session multimedia program that empowers parents to have healthy, ongoing conversations with their kids about love, sex, and relationships. These sessions utilize poignant short films, mini documentaries, graphics and animations, brutally honest parent and teen testimonials, expert panel interviews, roundtable discussions, and more. The curriculum was designed to be approximately 30-minute digestible sessions to enlighten, educate, and train parents to have critical discussions with their children about sex. Facilitators may decide if they would like to host 3, 4, or 5 1.5 to 2-hour sessions or 6 one-hour sessions for parents and mentors. Five sample participant guides will be included for use during the sessions only. It is recommended that organizations or individuals purchase participant guides for individual use in advance at for $5. Below is a listing of each session:

  •  Session 1: Talking with Our Kids about Sex
  •  Session 2: Confronting the Past
  •  Session 3: Pregnancy & Abortion
  •  Session 4: Spiritual & Emotional Consequences
  •  Session 5: Dating & Relationships
  •  Session 6: Image Bearers at Heart

The Sex Talk Every Parents Needs to Have | Jackie Brewton

In this 90-minute inspiring presentation, Jackie empowers parents to have the much-needed sex talk with their teens. Jackie introduces parents to the root causes of premature sexual-behavior and reveals the consequences of teen sex in the 21st century. She also equips parents with effective communication tools, proven strategies that have worked for her in the classroom and common approaches that do more harm than good. Jackie concludes with what parents must do in order to effectively engage their teens in open and honest dialogue about sex. May be used with secular audiences.

The Sex Talk Every Teen Guy/Girl Needs to Hear | Jackie Brewton

In this hour-long “real talk” discussion, Jackie sits down with teen guys/girls to have the sex talk that many adults wished they had when they were teens. In a laid back, high school gymnasium setting, Jackie shares: the importance of valuing education, having a vision and setting goals, understanding the risks involved with teen sex (physical and emotional) and the benefits of discipline and delayed gratification. There is a separate DVD for guys and girls. May be used with secular audiences.


Select the appropriate curriculum to complete our brief evaluation. This will help us gauge program effectiveness and additional resources to provide in the future.

The Sex Talk Every Parent Needs to Have

The Whole Sex Talk
The Sex Talk Every Teen Girl/Guy Needs to Hear

The Whole Sex Talk

The Sex Talk Series


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